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    Hengchang international shoes material & shoes machine trade co., Ltd. is a professional producing shoes material & shoes machine's enterprise.
    Our products are mainly: Gantry Punch Machine, Flat single & double pin, High head single & double pin, Plane punch machine, Plane oil compressing and automatic decide machine, Single color pulling assistant machine, Three color pulling assistant machine, Oil compressing automatic front assistant machine, Oil compressing automatic back assistant machine, Wall model compressing bottom machine, transportation machine, puissant wall model compressing bottom machine and so on.
    Our enterprise take the principle of " Consumer is God, Credit is our benefits and High Quality is our exciting." we stick to the running spirits of " Sincere, Credits, Service and Innovation. " And supply the most advanced, bargain, excellent quality foreign equipment and material. We warmly welcome the clients to visit our company, and sincerely hope that we will cooperate with all the customers home and abroad on the base of mutual benefits and equalities.


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